Why & How to Buy Dibit

So What is Dibit Token you may ask? 

Dibit Token is a BEP-20 created token with 0 % SELL and 0 & BUY fee. Its on top of Binance smart chain technology and is created and intended to be the main frame for secure blockchain. We want to do whatever we can together as a community to help and prevent people from losing there assets and maybe entire life savings as well. People have and are still continuously being scammed and ripped of their financial assets, just because the tokens, coins, services or anything else that contributes to blockchain technology, being used for bad purposes. 

Fine point but what about ‘DIBIT’ token, how do we know this is not just a scam?

Well this idea is only going to work if DIBIT is a honest service.
– So how can person know that DIBIT is a real and geniue token you may ask?
By following the records, there is transactions records of the MAIN DEV wallet that contains 99.9 % Dibit shares. Now anyone in the world with a little bit computer skills, can track and see when a wallet is being used or where transactions is bein sended, this is open for everybody to see in live feed.
It can’t get any easier then this. Simple as that, its a a single wallet to keep a eye on and view transactions. 

So what about the token then, how will it function? 

When someone buys DIBIT tokens they first convert and exchange their current digital assets like BNB to DIBIT token. What happends is that the money that was originally ‘BNB coins’ is now ‘DIBIT’ tokens. The digital money that where transfered over to ‘DIBIT’ token is added to the liqiudity that exists on Pancakeswap. So when the liqiudity rises, the token gets more valuable. And as we have the DEV wallet we can send funds from that wallet into the liqiudity that we have on Pancakeswap. And everytime we do this we can see the transactions records that the assets is going into the liquidity on Pancakeswap. 

But in theory the token in the liquidity can just be selled of then?

NO it can’t, because when we add assets from DEV wallet to the liqidity, its locked for 3 years ahead.
That means that here is no worries that people can get scammed.
This is also something that can be viewed as well,  now this is how real cryptocurrency should be. 

The Goal with DIBIT Token.

Society reliable crypto, thats what we want for the future.
A real and legit way of making a social driven crypto company as it should be, a voice from crypto users and be part of something big for the future of blockchain technology.


We will have a forum just for our token, anything can be disccussed in there, and together we will create a cryptocurrency that has a future with greater goals. Let’s together be part of world chaning blockchain technology. Welcome to DIBIT Network, the future for Crypto Community!



Step 1: Create a Wallet

Download MetaMask and create your wallet.
Keep your key phrase a secret! Under no circumstances should you share it with anyone or a third party!

Step 2: Add DIBIT Token to your Wallet

Tap on the MetaMask icon top right of your browser,
then click on the networks menu and switch network from“Ethereum Mainnet” to “Binance Smart Chain Mainnet”.

While in the ‘Assets’ tab click on the “Add Token” button at the bottom.

Copy the contract address of Dibit Token below into MetaMask:


add dibit token metamask

(Optional): Send BNB To MetaMask

If your wallet is brand new, you will need to send BNB (Binance Coin) to your wallet. After you have added DIBIT Token as an asset in your wallet, you must have BNB in your wallet to buy DIBIT Token.

BNB (Binance Coin) is the native token used in Pancakeswap, and is used to pay transaction fees for buying coins as well as being traded for coins such as DIBIT Token.

The simplest way to get BNB is to buy it on a centralized exchange, most commonly BNB is bought on Binance.
Once you have BNB in a centralized exchange such as Binance. You now must withdraw the BNB to your MetaMask Wallet.

First, find your MetaMask wallet address, you can do this by clicking the MetaMask icon on your browser,then after selecting “Binance Smart Chain Mainnet” in the ‘Network’ menu at the top of the app,
locate and copy and paste your MetaMask wallet address.

After copying your MetaMask wallet address, next go to Binance. Locate the ‘Wallet’ drop down menu,
Click on ‘Fiat and Spot”, then in the ‘Crypto Balance’ table, locate your BNB. You should find an option next to BNB that says “Withdraw”, click on this.

Select the coin you wish to withdraw to your MetaMask wallet, in this case BNB.
Then enter your MetaMask wallet address into the

 “Address” field. From then on you can withdraw BNB into your wallet.

(Please note: a mistake in the address field can result in a loss of funds, please double check inputted information is accurate.
It is also reccomended to do small test payments to make sure it goes through, before attempting to transfer large funds.) 

MetaMask Wallet Address
slippage dibitnetwork
exchange dibit

Step 3: Swap BNB for Dibit Token

Once you have BNB in your MetaMask wallet,
go to Pancakeswap and connect your wallet by clicking the “Connect Wallet” button in the top right corner.

After doing this, click the ‘Trade’ menu in Pancakeswap’s sidebar, then click ‘Exchange’.
When the Exchange page is brought up, click the gear icon and change the “Slippage Tolerance” to 1% to make swapping tokens easier.

This means when you swap tokens, if the price changes by up to 1% since you initiated the transaction, the transaction can still process

Dibit token has 0 % fee on the contract!

Go back to the exchange page and in the “From” field select BNB and the amount you wish to trade for Dibit Token.

In the “To” field, click on “Select a currency”, then in the “Search name or paste address” field paste the Dibit Token address to find the token.
The Dibit Token address is found below.


After specifying you want to exchange BNB for Dibit Token, click “swap” and go through the confirmation windows to finish the swap!